In 1992, Managing Director of Delicup Co., Ltd, Mr. Somkid M established a factory located in Bangkuntien, Bangkok with the registered capital of US$ 600,000 to manufacture smashing chewy products in confectionary categories.

Then, in 1998, being active in food industry, we started and conducted supply and researches with global well-known companies to coordinate and develop our better products, resulting in our new decorative pectin jelly under Pastille and Cherri brands into bakery and beverage categories.

Since we are a non-stop developing manufacturer of delicious gummy jelly and other texture under our brands as well as B2B business and industrial supply, we have also gradually increased our capital by investing on modern and highly effective machinery aiming to increase productivity and to develop for the best quality.

Presently, Delicup is firmly positioned as the forefront of innovative confectionery development manufacturer in Thailand leading the field with the creation of superior quality confectionery with its highly visible appeal and attractive taste and texture sensations.

In today’s fast growing confectionary industry, Delicup investment has been successful to capture both domestic and international markets with the ratio of 60:40 and our major export sections are some countries in Asia, Middle East and USA.

In nearly future, we also plan to market our products in Japan, Canada, Australia and etc.

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